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Wondercon 2014

So here we go for a first, a retrospective on a convention! I never really say much about what I do or how I view things so this will be a bit different. What can I start with? Wondercon was fun. I had went last year and enjoyed it, and this year was just another bout of fun.

The convention itself had possibly one of the fastest reg lines I had ever seen, but is this really surprising seeing as Comic Con International runs it? It just kind of breezes by and you spend more time walking in than the whole registration process takes. Pretty much they scan a barcode you get from your email and give you a badge, surprising that they didn't bother checking I.D. though. Once this bit is done, you're pretty much free to roam the halls and panel rooms. I'm not too sure about panels, but I do know the exhibit floor itself was plenty large and a far cry from the crowded mass that is San Diego Comic Con! But just like Comic Con, you see the variety of booths from large companies promoting their newest shows, movies, and games all the way down to independent artists!

But what do I know about all of that that usual event stuff? I am a photographer who almost exclusively does coverage of those in costumes. So just like other big events, Wondercon had every level of people out having fun while they assumed the likeliness of their favourite characters! As you can see from my slideshow, you had everything from the CW's Arrow to obscure webcomics such as Gone with the Blastwave represented. This all makes for a fun time and an easy way to communicate with other fans. The convention center isn't rife with too man places for a private shoot, being littered with a few parking garages, terraces, and some foliage. Outside of this, for any public gathering, they do have the massive plaza right in front of the convention center and the fountain where the likes of the massive DC and Marvel gatherings take place.

Overall I do quite enjoy Wondercon and can see myself going again and trying to actually check out more booths and a few panels(such as my friend Kai who did a prop making one), but even without that it's still a wonderful event to go and see costumers having fun and to just hang out with those who are into popular culture. It's not too expensive to attend and can even be made into a bit of a last minute trip without much planning if you compare it to other events of a similar size. So if anything go check it out one day!

Some of the included cosplayers in the album above are:

Hectec Design

Precious Cosplay

Americo Galli

Yuks General


And sadly everyone else doesn't have a page to link to.