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E3 2015: A New Chapter

So to start, I had a blast with E3. I got to make some new friends, see some old, and just experience something far different than my usual event. While this wasn't my first time at an industry event, it was my first time at one directly dealing with video games. So what all did it entail? What did I get to witness? Who are some of these people I met? Well let's get to that after I go about some basic details.

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WonderCon 2015

Charlie and Ky of Kadanaad Cosplay as Sera and Cole from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Have you ever had a time where you couldn't really figure out what to say about something? Well that's how I've been when it's come to WonderCon as of late. Basically it was an overall smooth experience. Lots to see, lots to do, and lots of people to see. So what makes it worth your time? I don't know, everyone is different but here's a small view.

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Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

Hectec Design and a young fan

So a few weeks back I went to Long Beach Comic Expo, and this is my own weird little take on it. As most of you know from how I carry around at cons, I don't do much of the usual panel hopping and buying stuff. Not to say for once I didn't think about it! But for me there is something more interesting.

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