San Diego, California

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WonderCon 2015

Charlie and Ky of Kadanaad Cosplay as Sera and Cole from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Have you ever had a time where you couldn't really figure out what to say about something? Well that's how I've been when it's come to WonderCon as of late. Basically it was an overall smooth experience. Lots to see, lots to do, and lots of people to see. So what makes it worth your time? I don't know, everyone is different but here's a small view.

Leland, Hectec Design, Kurt, and Maweeahh

It's sort of like Comic Con San Diego in the scope. It's a large event that brings in a good chunk of people. The exhibitor floor has both big name vendors, comic publishing houses, and also a pretty big artist alley(albeit the way they had it set up was nerve wracking for some aisles). It's really like a scaled down comic con in this regard but with the ability to actually get tickets less you wait until a month out from the con. Also the other thing it brings is fan organization tables, of which you only see at these larger events in the force they were. Towards the back of the floor, you have a whole area dedicated to things like costume groups, other conventions, and other community level deals which is pretty cool in that you might find a like minded group or people who want to teach others something pretty nifty.

Stealth Suit Mk II by Maweeahh - Proton Axe by Hectec Design

But as usual I didn't go for that stuff. I mean there is more to offer for people who are used to smaller cons here. You have panels based on people who started off small and worked their way into the entertainment industry alongside those done by the writers for your favourite shows and movies. You also have cosplayers who have made a name doing panels about how they got to where they are and how you can break into building stuff. It's pretty crazy. It's also nice you can talk to these same people as they wander around checking out the same stuff you're passionate about! I don't know what is the best part about that honestly, the fact that people are so accessible or the fact that you can catch them speaking to a room full of people about what they just love to do and never thought it would lead to the success that makes people look up to them.

Ky as Cole

As I said though, I didn't really go much for panels or buying things. Sad as it is, I didn't do too much at WonderCon. You might think that is a bad sounding deal, but it's not. I was able to get some photos with people I have never worked with before who had an amazing assortment of costumes from series I'm interested in. There's literally every type of series and fandom represented at the con, whether they're just walking around or they're a part of one of the gatherings(some of which are just massive). There's some variety in locations to use for some of these cosplayers, but much isn't to my liking for fantasy stuff which didn't bode well for me wanting to just do Dragon Age stuff. It is what it is though and others have less qualms than I and will try to make things work which is just as good.

Charlie as Sera

So what's my verdict? It's probably one of the more fun events I've been to in the past year. I was able to see friends, meet new people, and just kind of have fun while doing very little. The con overall has a lot to offer and for people who can't get into Comic Con, it's also the perfect way to see some of the things studios have to offer. There's a lot more to it than that, but if you have the time and interest it can be a wonderful way to spend a few days.

If you want to find those pictured, Kadanaad for Dragon Age, Maweeahhh and Hectec Design for Fallout. Leland and Kurt don't have pages currently.