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Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

Hectec Design and a young fan

So a few weeks back I went to Long Beach Comic Expo, and this is my own weird little take on it. As most of you know from how I carry around at cons, I don't do much of the usual panel hopping and buying stuff. Not to say for once I didn't think about it! But for me there is something more interesting.

Sparrow's Flight Cosplay - Hollywood Joker

Before I get to that though, I have to start off with something. Never before have I had as easy a time dealing with press for an event. Literally signed up about 3 weeks before the con and got busy with a bunch of stuff so wasn't able to send in validation articles, called up their press head after sending an email and was told to just come up and everything should be smooth. Well it was smooth, as opposed to most events where registration is late across the board, I was able to get my badge slightly earlier than opening after just signing in and leaving a business card. Normal attendees also seemed to benefit from the punctual nature of their reg line also.

Hectec Design - Titanfall Militia Pilot

So what does the con itself have to offer? For the average person quite the usual fare with some things aimed specifically at cosplayers. People like SoloRoboto Industries and Hoku Props were there doing panels which I sadly missed, but they had quite a few panels like this with those up and coming in terms of quality work. The exhibitors hall was varied with both normal vendors, artists, other events, and even a laser tag course. Non of that your bag? They had a whole section that was a mixture of various cosplayers of acclaim and groups trying to use their visibility with cosplay to do more than hang about.

Sparrow's Flight Cosplay - Hollywood Joker

But you know that's not the stuff I normally do, so while I did hang around and talk with the friends I knew who were around there, I explored my usual stuff. You might be curious as to what the means in this situation and... it means I hung around in the parking garage. Not because I didn't want to do anything, but because it struck me as a wonderful place to do photos, but also ended up being the location of a 2 hour discussion with Hectec Design and Mike Rollerson on just general cons and the like. Let alone when you hang around places like this, who knows what might end up happening. People will stop by for their own shoots, folks going to the con ready to start their day, and maybe even catching the eye of a new young fan who finds what you do amazing.

Hectec Design - Titanfall Militia Pilot

The whole lay of the con outside of my little photo time was mostly sprinkled with kind of hanging out and talking to various people. Hectec, Mike, and Cosplay in America were my constant companions while we sort of took the way the whole con felt with its laid back nature as a time to just reflect. We didn't feel hassled at all with the con and didn't really have any complaints about staff. We felt it was well organized and offered far more than other events of the size in an area that's decently accessible to many. As an overall umbrella, I would say I'd return and probably do more, but the event itself offered just as much in the fact so many people I knew had went. People who I rarely see that actually ended up doing more than I did, but hey, I mostly try to get coverage photos and the whole thing felt more like a vacation where I had my camera and didn't have to do much. So if anything, check it out one day if you can, they do two shows a year and the next is Long Beach Comic Con in September.

Sorry I didn't put as many photos up as I would have liked, but I only did the two shoots. But if you want to find more of them, Hectec Design can be found here if you're into Fallout and Titanfall whereas Sparrow's Flight Cosplay can be found this way if you are more into the Joker and maybe Borderlands. Otherwise thanks for taking the time to read this!

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