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Something a bit different

So this is something a bit different than what I usually post. A few weeks back at Gaslight Gathering I ended up letting someone use one of my speedlights during the dance because they were having some problems getting a lot of the action(low light, slower lens, and etc). I grabbed my extra, put it on their camera and gave them a quick demo and set them on their way. This is the email I received after: Thank you, Darryl, for your kindness in sharing your flash and teaching me last night. I realize that took time out of a rare opportunity for you, and I appreciate very much the time you spent. Your selflessness is a great example to us, and we plan to remember and do the same for others. We looked at your photos. Really fun! Love the anime cosplay girl with yellow background! We look forward to seeing you at events! I go to events to have fun and see people. Me losing out on a photo or two is worth a lot less than helping someone learn a new way of doing things. Sure, I probably won't be the best or most popular with some people, but at least I make some sort of a difference elsewhere. Or I could just be sentimental and thinking of times where people would(or wouldn't in some cases) do the same for me. So go out, do what you love! Ask for help! Help others! Make an adventure out of life and make happy little accidents as Bob Ross would say.