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The Lights and Trapeze

 So being that I have friends who do all sorts of interesting things, it's a wonder to think what I might happen on to next. Again, Mike Rollerson gave me another opportunity to tag along onto something interesting. What was it? Circus Vargas, a traveling show that mostly is situated in California but have do shows outside of the area, on occasion Las Vegas and even a stint in the Philippines. So what about it would interest you? Well just have a look.

     So let's think what comes to mind when you first hear the word "Circus", shall we? You think clowns, lions, and trapeze acts, right? While this circus doesn't use animals, they do have a clown, a trapeze, and other cool acts. So let's kind of start with the fact they have a varied performance. You have the use of rigid bindings on which gymnastic techniques are performed with two people showing the dexterity the human form can achieve. You also have a woman who can bend and contort into a variety of ways, hold the pose, and then rotate herself on a small block of wood attached to a pole. You have a magic act with a charismatic magician who has a look of being amazed the entire show. There are also dance numbers, balancing acts, death defying stunts, and some flame juggling. What more could you ask for?

      It is a show for all ages, rife with audience participation to interject time where the stage is being set. Before the show even starts, the ringmaster gives a bit of insight on a small scale of what will happen later on by showing any kids in the audience how to balance objects on their faces(of which he teaches them with feathers and later uses a shopping cart and ladder himself). There is also an impromptu boxing match where the ring is made up of 4 men standing in as the posts, another being the bell, and one lucky audience member going up against Alex, the clown of the show.

     So what else can I say without ruining the whole show(but let's face it, you can't ruin a show like this, I watched it twice and it still seemed fresh and new and many audience members come multiple times when they're in town)!?!? It's a fun show to take you friends and family to, so give it a chance, check it out, and just go with the flow and the show. All in all they are a wonderful group who love what they do and wish to share what they as a family do with yours.

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