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Pacific Media Expo

 I kept forgetting to actually do this write up for PMX 2013(I didn't do a whole lot so I didn't think to really do it...)! But For this con I can say one thing: It's one of my favourites. Compared to other events which might push for their guests in a panel line up, PMX strives to bring in a lot of different things. They have viewing rooms for Asian Dramas, different music acts from abroad, and a strong Gohitc Lolita culture.

     Now don't get me wrong, most people who know me by virtue have realized I don't go to many panels or events depending on the event. PMX is one of the ones where I do spend most of my time getting in photo shoots, but I still make time to go to some of the panels they hold. The fact they have such a varied amount of material to showcase makes it where I don't feel as if I'm wasting my time. One performance/workshop I enjoyed was the one on Taiko as shown above. You have so many events purposed on just showcasing what is new and not so much traditional, which you kind of get the opposite of at PMX at times. The dance has also never really disappointed me, and I know for sure people enjoy the Pocky tasting room and Maid Cafe.

     But let's get into the real beef, what most people wade through the dough for. PMX is an event that embraces cosplay of all sorts. Everything from just people in Japanese/Korean/etc Fashion to elaborate gowns from series such as Jellyfish Princess can be seen. This year was a bit harsher on people cosplaying in certain areas due to a shooting incident that happened at LAX the week prior, but otherwise it was more or less pleasant and easy to get around. The venue is quite different from most other hotels though by offering different decks to take photos in(sadly the garden deck was closed for renovation) and also having a decent sized staircase that while often busy, can provide for pretty cool photos. There are also different sort of reflective murals strewn about with pottery enclosed in cases. This also is pretty neat depending on what you're doing(Nathan Drake from Uncharted for instance).

     So to say in short? I think PMX has a lot to offer people. It's location isn't too hard to get to, being that it's just down the road from LAX and a block down from the Marriot Anime Los Angeles is held at. Their dealer's room has a good bit of variety, even if I didn't go into until the last day(not my thing). The cosplayers that come end up doing all sorts of things that fit with the varied looks the hotel has to offer. And hey, if you're into Lolita, they have designers come, a fashion show, and even a boutique! It also isn't so much an anime convention though which does turn off some people, but hey, if you like media produced in the pacific at all it shouldn't matter! Let alone how many conventions can you go to where the Crunchyroll panel has a corgi on it? Junkers approves, and so should you.

If you're interested in the cosplayers displayed they are:

Hectec Design as an NCR Ranger

Bar-code-cat as Speedwagon

Junkers as himself

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